Frontiers in Computer Education Wang (ed.)
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A study on the implementation of the development policies
of social work in Shenzhen
Chunyu Zhang
North China Electric Power Univercity, Baoding, Hebei, China
Yixiao Wang
Xinlian College Of Henan Normal Univercity, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
ABSTRACT: As an important means of social construction, social work has been attached great importance
by the party and the government. The relevant policy documents become an important condition and guarantee
to the development of social work. Based on the policy documents of social work, especially the development
of social work of Shenzhen, a summary of the relevant experience of policies’ implementation is presented in
order to provide ideas for the development of social work in other provinces and cities.
Keywords: Social work, implementation experience, deepen reform
China’s economic development becomes rapid since
the implementation of reform. But as an important
task during the period of social transformation, the
situation of social construction is increasingly seri-
ous. Under domestic experience, social work plays
an important role in addressing social problems. In
recent years, the social work began in the country espe-
cially in the Pearl River Delta region . As the forefront
of China’s economic and social development, Shen-
zhen is one of the cities in China’s earlier exploration
of social work. Based on the development of social
work in Shenzhen, we study lessons of policy imple-
mentation, so as to develop other provinces and cities
nationwide and to provide ideas in social work.
2.1 Relevant policies of the central government
In October 2006, the Sixth Plenary Session of its
Sixteenth Central Committee of Chinese Communist
Party clearly stated, “building great social work per-
sonnel.” It is focused on the construction of social work
personnel becomes the basis of social work develop-
ment policy in China. During 2007–2009, policies
for the development of social work in China is to
start. In ter ms of experimental work, job evaluation,
social collaboration, academic education, and train-
ing of cadres were actively explored and achieved
some success. During 2010 to 2012, China began to
promote the development of social work policy, and
showed it a high degree of attention, multi-sectoral
joint collaboration, and focus on the characteristics of
long-term planning.
Under the guidance of the central policy document,
different countries began to implement the theory and
practice of social work.The representative is Shenzhen
2.2 The interpretation and implementation of the
central policy in Shenzhen
In the central policy guidance, Shenzhen began to
develop social work as a breakthrough in the pub-
lic administration reform in 2007, it promulgated and
implemented a municipal relevant policy documents,
establishing the social work system with Shenzhen
characteristics. The policy response to the situation of
Shenzhen can be summarized as follows:
First, the common understanding. A delegation led
by the Shenzhen Municipal lear ned theoretical knowl-
edge, learned from experiences around, the Shenzhen
municipal government agreed that as a kind of institu-
tional arrangement, social work will improve the social
welfare system, and it has an important significance
in the innovation of the social management system.
Second, an innovation system. In order to ensure
the authority of decision-making, and promote the
effectiveness of the work, the establishment of the
Shenzhen municipal government implemented a pro-
cedure of coordinating bodies and strengthening the
system of combining department functions. In 2007,
the Shenzhen Municipal established a new work sys-
tem, which is “catch total sector-led organization,
specifically responsible for civil affairs departments,
actively cooperating with relevant departments.”

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