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A study of the personalized physical education teaching of sports courses
Lan Yu
Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Nanchang, China
ABSTRACT: A yearly Physical Education (PE) sport teaching arrangement, which includes various teaching
units, is designed towards the objectives of skill learning and physical quality promotion. Considering the
difference among individual students, a personalized PE sport teaching plan is formulated for each student. At
the same time, correspondent teaching modes, methods, and organizing forms are discussed.
In a physical education (PE) spor t teaching class, the
interests, physical qualities and skill levels of different
students are distinct.The uniform teaching plan, teach-
ing mode, teaching method, and organizing form are
not suitable [1,2]. Therefore, a personalized teaching
plan based on the characteristics of each student should
be formulated to maximize the teaching effectiveness,
and proper teaching mode, method, and organizing
form should be adopted [3–7].
Figure 1 presents the unit component of the personal-
ized teaching plan, and Table 1 gives a thirty-six hours
example of yearly teaching plan.
Next contents of all units are introduced.
1.1 Theory unit
There are two sub-units in the theory unit.
(1) Sub-unit 1: including exercise and health, sports
history, theory of skill and tactics, exercise safety,
Figure 1. Constitution of teaching plan.
exercise prescription theory, and the relation
between physical quality and sports.
(2) Sub-unit 2: competition rules, design and evalu-
ation of exercise plans, formulation and evalua-
tion of exercise prescription, relationship between
exercise and profession, nutrition and health care.
1.2 Experience unit
Experience unit includes three modules: (1) Games
related to a specific PE optional course; (2) Skill show;
(3) Exercise experience of different physical qualities.
1.3 Skill unit
There are two sub-units, named junior and senior sub-
units. A personalized skill exercise plan, which is
determined by the current skill and physical quality
levels of a certain student, is carried out in this unit.
As we all know, most skills of a specific sport often
have several learning tips. For example, shooting is one
of the basic basketball skills. There are many patterns
of shooting: free throw, long shot, fadeaway, and pull
shot etc. The difficulties and the effectiveness for phys-
ical quality promotion of these shooting patterns are
different.Therefore, shooting skills could be divided in
details. Students with poor foundation are required to
Table 1. Common teaching methods
Teaching Unit Hours Teaching Unit Hours
Theory Unit One 4 Senior Skill Unit 18
Experience Unit 4 Physical Quality 4
Strengthen Unit
Junior Skill Unit 20 Competition Unit 6
Physical Quality 4 Theory Unit Two 4
Promotion Unit
Evaluation Unit One 4 Evaluation Unit Two 4
1st Semester 2nd Semester

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