Broader Spectrums of Human–Machine Symbiosis

The New HR Will Be HCR

THE CHESS GRANDMASTER GARRY KASPAROV REFLECTED on his 1997 loss to an IBM supercomputer program called Deep Blue:

Today, May 11, 2017, marks the 20th anniversary of my loss against Deep Blue in our 1997 rematch in New York City. . . .

I spent much of last year working on a book, Deep Thinking, that includes my memories and analysis of that fateful match, the so-called Brain’s Last Stand that turned me into the proverbial man in “man versus machine”. . . .

I make it clear in Deep Thinking that my loss to Deep Blue was also a victory for humans — its creators and everyone who benefits from our technological leaps. That is, everyone. This is always the case in the big ...

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