Full-Stack React

Video description

13+ Hours of Video Instruction

BuildFull-Stack Apps with MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js

In this LiveLessons video, Shaun Wassell covers the fundamentals of full-stack development with the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js) stack. For the full stack, developers need to make sure both front- and backend communicate well together. Toward that end, this video teaches you how everything works, what the key responsibilities of each component are, and how they flow together. Shaun addresses the key points for developers, with specific examples to demonstrate concepts.

Learn to use MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js (MERN) to create full-stack apps. MERN is currently the most popular stack for building full-stack web applications. It allows developers to quickly write entire applications—frontend, backend, and database—using only JavaScript.

In this 13+ hour LiveLessons video, Shaun Wassell covers the fundamentals of full-stack development with the MERN stack. You can learn by doing, as Shaun walks you through five example projects of increasing complexity that demonstrate the many different aspects of full-stack application development. How do you ensure your applications are secure? How do you handle authentication in full-stack apps? These are all questions Shaun answers in this timely and practical LiveLessons video. At the end of this video, you'll have five portfolio pieces that you can use for full-stack job interviews.

Access the supplemental resources for this LiveLesson at https://github.com/shaunwa/full-stack-react

About the Instructor

Shaun Wassell's goal is to create a world where people are empowered to use programming as a way to solve meaningful problems‚Äîa world where writing code is just as natural for most people as walking or breathing. To help make this a reality, Shaun has dedicated the past few years to helping people learn and master software-development skills through video courses, live training sessions, and one-on-one tutoring. Shaun has been programming since he was a kid, when creating video games was his gateway into the world of software. Since then, he’s been fortunate enough to be a contributing member on many amazing software projects and work with some incredible mentors along the way.

Skill Level
  • Intermediate
What You Will Learn

Companies have realized that a relatively small team of full-stack developers (developers that work on all parts of a web application) can build and maintain websites much more easily and cost-effectively than if there were separate frontend, backend, and database teams.

Learn How To:
  • Build full-stack applications using React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB
  • Use network requests and REST APIs to communicate between the front- and backend
  • Correctly divide application logic between the front- and backend
  • Structure full-stack applications for maximum readability and ease of maintenance
  • Implement an authentication flow that allows users to log in and save data
  • Integrate powerful third-party APIs into your full-stack applications
Who Should Take This Course
  • JavaScript developers, web developers
Course Requirements

  • Working knowledge of JavaScript
  • Some experience working on either the front- or backend of a web application, but this isn’t a requirement
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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Full-Stack React: Introduction
  2. Lesson 1: Meet the MERN Stack
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 1.1 Learn the basics of React
    3. 1.2 Learn the basics of Node.js
    4. 1.3 Learn the basics of Express
    5. 1.4 Learn the basics of MongoDB
  3. Lesson 2: Build a Full-Stack Meal-Tracker Application
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 2.1 Learn about the example application
    3. 2.2 Create and set up the project
    4. 2.3 Learn about REST APIs
    5. 2.4 Implement the Home page--Part 1
    6. 2.5 Implement the Home page--Part 2
    7. 2.6 Implement the Home page--Part 3
    8. 2.7 Implement the Add Ingredient page
    9. 2.8 Implement the Recipe Search page
    10. 2.9 Implement the Shopping List page
  4. Lesson 3: Build a Members-Only Website
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 3.1 Learn about the example application
    3. 3.2 Create and set up the project
    4. 3.3 Learn the basics of user authentication
    5. 3.4 Implement the Sign In page
    6. 3.5 Implement the Groups List page
    7. 3.6 Implement the Create Group page
    8. 3.7 Implement the Group page
  5. Lesson 4: Build an Image-Sharing Application
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 4.1 Learn about the example application
    3. 4.2 Create and set up the project
    4. 4.3 Store and serve files
    5. 4.4 Implement the Sign In page
    6. 4.5 Implement the Browse Photos page
    7. 4.6 Implement the Upload Photo page
    8. 4.7 Implement the Photo Detail page
  6. Lesson 5: Build a Stock-Trading Application
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 5.1 Learn about the example application
    3. 5.2 Create and set up the project
    4. 5.3 Learn the basics of interacting with third-party APIs
    5. 5.4 Implement the basic user interface
    6. 5.5 Implement the stock ticker chart
    7. 5.6 Allow users to buy and sell stocks
    8. 5.7 Track user progress over time
  7. Lesson 6: Build a Real-Time Chat Application
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 6.1 Learn about the example application
    3. 6.2 Create and set up the project
    4. 6.3 Learn the basics of web sockets and real-time interaction 
    5. 6.4 Implement the Sign In page
    6. 6.5 Implement the Home page
    7. 6.6 Implement the New Conversation page
    8. 6.7 Implement the Conversation page
  8. Summary
    1. Full-Stack React: Summary

Product information

  • Title: Full-Stack React
  • Author(s): Shaun Wassell
  • Release date: December 2020
  • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
  • ISBN: 0136887295