Full Stack Web Performance

Book description

DevOps has been around for nearly a decade, yet many production teams have only just begun to migrate their products from physical data centers to cloud platforms. If your company is contemplating a move to DevOps, there are many factors to consider besides the ease and speed of deployment. Your ideas of web performance and capacity planning will also change, along with your role in the production process.

This report explains how web performance fits into the modern landscape of a cross-functional DevOps team. Author Tom Barker, Senior Director of Software Engineering and Development at Comcast, shows you how to achieve quick performance wins by taking a holistic, full stack view of your web application. Web developers, DevOps engineers, engineering managers, and architects will learn how to approach issues that affect the client-side, infrastructure, and operations capabilities of your application.

  • Client-side: use tools to test your application speed and capture real user metrics around client-side performance
  • Infrastructure: leverage a content delivery network (CDN) to shorten the route between application servers and your users
  • Operations: monitor your application and debug performance issues in production with an Application Performance Management (APM) tool
  • Next steps: Get free trials of CDNs and APMs before committing to any provider

Product information

  • Title: Full Stack Web Performance
  • Author(s): Tom Barker
  • Release date: November 2017
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491988442