Chapter 3

Getting and Using Haskell


Check Obtaining and using Haskell

Check Using GHCi and WinGHCi

Check Writing Haskell code

Check Finding additional information

The first sections of this chapter discuss the goals behind the Haskell installation for this book, help you obtain a copy of Haskell, and then show you how to install Haskell on any one of the three supported book platforms: Linux, Mac, and Windows. Overall, this chapter focuses on providing you with the simplest possible installation so that you can clearly see how the functional programming paradigm works. You may eventually find that you need a different installation to meet specific needs or tool requirements.

After you have Haskell installed, you perform some simple coding tasks using it. The main purpose of writing this code is to verify that your copy of Haskell is working properly, but it also helps familiarize you with Haskell just a little. A second example helps you become familiar with using Haskell libraries, which is important when viewing the examples in this book.

The final section of the chapter helps you locate ...

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