We’d like to thank the following people:

  • Our wives and children, for their forbearance.
  • The first and second waves: the FRP pioneers and those who are making FRP practical.
  • Our many reviewers and critics, for making this book better, and everyone who has raised bugs and asked technical questions, including Danae Aguilar, Jim Andrew, Mark Butler, Alessandro Campeis, Ron Cranston, Rafael Freire, Bruce Hernandez, Unnikrishnan Kumar, Yuri Kushch, Michael Lund, Sergio Martinez, Bhakti Mehta, Orlando Méndez, Wil Moore III, Giovanni Morana, Jean-François Morin, Chris Pearce, Thomas Peklak, Patrick Regan, Paulo Rios, Bruno Sonnino, William E. Wheeler, Henry Widd, and Arthur Zubarev. Thank you!
  • Adam Buczynski, for JavaScript assistance. ...

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