Appendix BCase Study: Knowledge Structure of Steel Research

We deal with the data in our daily life as many or as few. Nations consider national income or economic growth rate to be important, while enterprises are concerned with sales. Researchers deal with data and figures from research, and students use their grades as useful data to be accepted into a university. In this sense, there is nobody who lives without being related to any kind of data.

However, we cannot easily find out any information just by fixing our eyes on the data. It really does in this era of Big Data, in which various kinds of data are accumulated rapidly and largely. Data in a way indicate reality itself, but still we can understand nothing just by looking at it. In this sense, data are just like a reality. Therefore, we need to analyze the data to obtain available information.

We intended to offer the useful information to the researchers by analyzing the data existing in reality. Then we attempted “knowledge structure” analysis on the field of steel research with the theses published in “Steel Research International”. By this, we tried to systematize the steel research so far and to provide the useful guide for academic development in the steel industry. The research in the steel industry has been developed rapidly in both academic and practical aspects. Then, which unique characteristics can be found in this process of the development? For those who are used to interpreting data or those who have ...

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