7 Data Structure in NetMiner

The data structure in NetMiner [1] is composed of a data set with several data items that is used as the basic unit for analysis, and through this data set, all analysis and visualization are performed. Within the data items, there is the main node set, sub node set, one-mode network, and two-mode network. The results of the analysis using the data set are termed the process log. The minimum unit for analysis work within NetMiner is a workfile and the process log and data set is included in the workfile. Several workfiles are managed through one project and the basic data file for NetMiner is managed as a project, which is saved with a filename extension of nmf (NetMiner File).

7.1 Sample Data

NetMiner has already been introduced in Chapter 2: Basic Program for Analyzing Networks. Here, a detailed tutorial of network analysis with sample data provided in NetMiner will be explained. The sample data in NetMiner are available in the folder of the installed NetMiner program, and if the researcher chooses the installed folder to be the root path, the sample data would exist in the C:\Program Files\Cyram\NetMiner\SampleData. The sample data discussed here would be 01.Org_Net_Tiny1, 02.Org_Net_Tiny2, and 03.Org_Net_Tiny3.

7.1.1 01.Org_Net_Tiny1

In the main node set, there are 22 imaginary employees with information on the labels and attributes including a one-mode network having personal help, work interact, work help, know personally, personal ...

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