Chapter 1


How does the appearance of a new type of cloud signal changes in Earth’s atmosphere?

1-1   What Is Physics?

1-2   Measuring Things

1-3   The International System of Units

1-4   Changing Units

1-5   Length

1-6   Time

1-7   Mass

Review & Summary


Chapter 2

Motion Along a Straight Line

What causes whiplash injury in rear-end collisions of cars?

2-1   What Is Physics?

2-2   Motion

2-3   Position and Displacement

2-4   Average Velocity and Average Speed

2-5   Instantaneous Velocity and Speed

2-6   Acceleration

2-7   Constant Acceleration: A Special Case

2-8   Another Look at Constant Acceleration

2-9   Free-Fall Acceleration

2-10   Graphical Integration in Motion Analysis

Review & Summary



Chapter 3


How does an ant know the way home with no guiding clues on the desert plains?

3-1   What Is Physics?

3-2   Vectors and Scalars

3-3   Adding Vectors Geometrically

3-4   Components of Vectors

3-5   Unit Vectors

3-6   Adding Vectors by Components

3-7   Vectors and the Laws of Physics

3-8   Multiplying Vectors

Review & Summary



Chapter 4

Motion in Two and Three Dimensions

In a motorcycle jump for record distance, where does the jumper put the second ramp?

4-1   What Is Physics?

4-2   Position and Displacement

4-3   Average Velocity and Instantaneous Velocity

4-4   Average Acceleration and Instantaneous Acceleration

4-5   Projectile Motion

4-6   Projectile Motion Analyzed

4-7   Uniform Circular Motion

4-8   Relative ...

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