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Fundamentals of Project Management, Third Edition

Book Description

Through its first two editions, Fundamentals of Project Management has helped more than 115,000 project professionals meet or exceed even the toughest project requirements. The updated and revised third edition provides an unparalleled introduction to project management, along with new tools and techniques for planning and executing projects on time, on budget, and with maximum efficiency and productivity.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Figure List
  3. Preface to the Third Edition
  4. An Overview of Project Management
    1. Project Failures
    2. What Is Project Management?
    3. It Is Not Just Scheduling!
    4. One-Person Projects
    5. The Big Trap—Working Project Managers
    6. You Can’t Have It All!
    7. The Phases of a Project
    8. The Steps in Managing a Project
    9. The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®)
    10. Summary
    11. Questions for Review
  5. The Role of the Project Manager
    1. What Is Managing?
    2. Definitions of Management
    3. Do You Want to Be a Project Manager?
  6. Planning the Project
    1. The Absolute Imperative of Planning
    2. Planning Defined
    3. Sign-Off of the Plan
    4. Changing the Plan
    5. Suggestions for Effective Planning
    6. Project Planning Steps
    7. Exercise
  7. Developing a Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives for the Project
    1. Defining the Problem
    2. Confusion of Terms
    3. The Real World
    4. The Real Mission of Every Project
    5. Developing Project Objectives
    6. The Nature of Objectives
    7. Assessing Project Risks
    8. Planning Exercise
  8. Using the Work Breakdown Structure to Plan a Project
    1. A Simple Example
    2. Guidelines for Developing the WBS
    3. Estimating Time, Costs, and Resources
    4. Exercise
  9. Scheduling Project Work
    1. A Brief History of Scheduling
    2. Exercise
  10. Producing a Workable Schedule
    1. Schedule Computations
    2. Converting Arrow Diagrams to Bar Charts
    3. Assigning Resources to Tasks
    4. Exercise
  11. Project Control and Evaluation
    1. Achieving Team Member Self-Control
    2. Characteristics of a Project Control System
    3. Project Evaluation
  12. Project Control Using Earned Value Analysis
    1. Measuring Progress
    2. Measuring Project Performance/Quality
    3. Earned Value Analysis
    4. Responding to Variances
    5. Acceptable Variances
    6. Using Percentage Complete to Measure Progress
    7. Exercise
  13. Managing the Project Team
    1. Team Building
    2. Promoting Teamwork Through Planning
    3. A Final Suggestion
  14. How to Make Project Management Work in Your Company
  15. Project Management for Everyone
    1. My Head Hurts
  16. Answers to Chapter Questions
    1. Chapter 1
    2. Chapter 3
    3. Chapter 5
    4. Chapter 6
    5. Chapter 7
    6. Chapter 9
  17. References and Reading List
  18. About Jim Lewis
  19. Index