10Acceptance Sampling Plans for Attributes and Variables

  1. 10-1 Introduction and Chapter Objectives
  2. 10-2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Sampling
  3. 10-3 Producer and Consumer Risks
  4. 10-4 Operating Characteristic Curve
  5. 10-5 Types of Sampling Plans
  6. 10-6 Evaluating Sampling Plans
  7. 10-7 Bayes Rule and Decision Making Based on Samples
  8. 10-8 Lot-by-Lot Attribute Sampling Plans
  9. 10-9 Other Attribute Sampling Plans
  10. 10-10 Deming's kp Rule
  11. 10-11 Sampling Plans for Variables
  12. 10-12 Variable Sampling Plans for A Process Parameter
  13. 10-13 Variable Sampling Plans for Estimating the Lot Proportion Nonconforming
  14. Summary
pNncPac1, c2r1, r2n1, n2AOQAOQLATI Proportion nonconforming, or lot qualityLot sizeSample size for a single sampling planAcceptance number for a single sampling planProbability of accepting a lotAcceptance numbers for the first and second  samples of a double sampling planRejection numbers for the first and second samples  of a double sampling planSize of the first and second samples in a double  sampling planAverage outgoing qualityAverage outgoing quality limitAverage total inspection ASNAQLLQLimg a αβμσimgsZLUXQL, QUMkimg Average sample numberAcceptable quality levelLimiting quality ...

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