Chapter 20

Asking for the Big Bucks: The Capital Campaign


Bullet Getting ready to run a capital campaign

Bullet Checking out capital campaign types

Bullet Designating a leader for your capital campaign

Bullet Following through each step of the campaign

When you think growth, think capital. Capital means big money, enough to build a building or provide income for your programs for many years to come. A capital campaign is the biggest campaign your organization can ever undertake. This type of campaign requires a massive, all-out planning effort to secure large amounts of money for a specific purpose.

Understandably, launching into this type of campaign takes considerable thought and planning anytime, but planning is especially important in times of economic challenge. Even if you have a long-term physical development plan in place, pay attention to the economic landscape and weigh your chances of running a successful campaign. Take the time to discuss options thoughtfully with your board before you move full speed into your capital campaign.

This chapter helps you think through all the basics, ...

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