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Further Exploration of C++ Templates and Metaprogramming

Video Description

Designed for intermediate level C++ programmers, this course focuses on the advanced features and techniques made possible by the release of C++11 and C++14. It introduces several new Standard Library types, and investigates type aliases and static assertions, two features that make it easy to work with templates.

You will also explore variadic templates, which allow developers to write type-safe functions and classes that take variable numbers and types of arguments. The course wraps up by examining template metaprogramming, an expert technique that generates code at compile time, produces extremely efficient code with no run-time overhead, and is widely used in modern C++ libraries.

  • Learn to write template code that uses the new features introduced in C++11 and C++14
  • Explore the uses and advantages of type aliases, static assertions, and variadic templates
  • Discover template metaprogramming and see it generate code with no run-time overhead
Julian Templeman runs the London UK based consulting company Templeman Consulting. He has worked in software development for 40 years, written code in over 20 languages, and has worked with C++ for over 20 years. A professional consultant, trainer, and writer, Julian has authored multiple programming books and videos, including the O'Reilly title "Practical Scala for Java Developers".