Tools for Fusedoc

The current specification for Fusedoc (2.0) defines Fusedoc as an XML vocabulary. Previous versions were written in a proprietary format described by an Extended Backus-Naur Form (EBNF) notation; you’ll sometimes see it referred to as Fusedoc 1 or (incorrectly) EBNF Fusedoc. This volume is only concerned with the current version, which is an XML vocabulary.

Note that whereas Fusebox is currently in version 3, Fusedoc is in version 2. This is because Fusedoc is a standard that is independent of the Fusebox standard. The Fusedoc standard is only concerned with the creation of code documentation blocks known as Fusedocs.

Fusedoc Creation Tools

Fusedoc 2.0 is based on open standards. This means it’s much easier to build tools ...

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