Wrapping Up

You can’t become an overnight Fusedoc wizard. The skill that is necessary to write good Fusedocs comes only through practice. On the other hand, the benefits to be had from using Fusedocs are almost immediate. Fusecoders can learn to read Fusedocs in just a few minutes, and the tools that already exist for Fusedoc are always ready to go.

In this final section of the chapter, we’ll look at some questions that are commonly asked about Fusedoc. Then we’ll take a quick look back at everything and tie up the loose strings.

Fusedoc FAQs

Following are some frequently asked questions about the use of Fusedocs:

Q1: Q: What about database schemas for qry files?
A1: A: In the Fusedoc world, we aren’t concerned with database schemas. Fusedocs ...

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