1.5The Future Proofing You Experiment

Potential is a priceless treasure, like gold. All of us have gold hidden within, but we have to dig to get it out.

Joyce Meyer, A Leader in the Making

ONE OF THE GREAT JOYS of writing a book is hearing from you, the readers. I wrote my first book, Disrupt You!, as a way of helping others to transform their lives. I wanted to break down the business world in a way that made success accessible to all. Disrupt You! flipped the message of most books: in order to change the world, you first must learn to change yourself. The book connected with readers around the globe (and is currently published in 10 languages).

I was humbled and touched by the response. I received emails from thousands of readers. Readers from dozens of countries shared stories with me of how they applied the lessons in Disrupt You! to their lives and businesses. I heard from a dentist in Pakistan who went from not being able to support his wife and children to having one of the most successful practices in Islamabad. I heard from intrapreneurs who gained the courage to change old companies from within and from single moms building side hustles that gave them the freedom to quit their day jobs. One young reader, still in his early twenties, even drove hundreds of miles to see me speak and thank me. He wanted to tell me that in just two years of applying what he learned in Disrupt You!, he was able to buy his parents and grandparents their own homes. As gratifying as these ...

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