Chapter 3

Fundamentals of Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Theory


There are two different approaches to FLS design: T1FLSs and T2FLSs. The latter is proposed as an extension of the former with the intention of being able to model the uncertainties that invariably exist in the rule base of the system. In type-1 fuzzy sets, MFs are totally certain, whereas in type-2 fuzzy sets, MFs are themselves fuzzy. The latter results in a case where the antecedents and consequents of the rules are uncertain. In this chapter, we will introduce the basics of type-2 fuzzy sets, type-2 fuzzy MFs and T2FLCs.


Type-2 fuzzy logic theory

Type-2 fuzzy logic control

Footprint of uncertainty

Elliptic membership function

Type-2 fuzzy neural networks

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