Chapter 1

G Suite: The 50¢ Tour


check Getting to know G Suite

check What comes inside the G Suite box

check Your urgent G Suite questions, asked and answered

check A brief introduction to online collaboration

check A quick look at the G Suite mobile apps

Way, way back in 2006 (an era so far in the distant past that people somehow had to manage back then with no iPhones or Android devices), the wonderful eggheads at Google came up with an idea: What if, they mused amongst themselves, businesses could avoid dealing with the headache-inducing and sanity-destroying complexity of managing high-tech services such as email, messaging, scheduling, and file storage? What if, they continued, Google managed those services and all businesses had to worry about was, well, business? “Wouldn't that be great?” they asked themselves.

The answer to that last question must have been a resounding “Yes!” because in that year Google Apps was born. This collection of online apps for email, messaging, calendars, and, ...

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