Chapter 4

Friends, Romans, Countrymen: Managing Your Contacts


check Taking a look around the Contacts app

check Putting people on your contacts list

check Editing, grouping, merging, and other necessary contact tasks

check Emailing and calling contacts

The Contacts app is your G Suite address book, where you can store all kinds of useful (and even useless) information about your ever-growing network of colleagues, clients, friends, family, acquaintances, high school classmates, and anyone else who falls within the borders of your social circle. You can use Contacts to store mundane information such as phone numbers and email addresses, but with its over 30 predefined fields available, you can preserve the minutiae of other people's lives: their birthdays and anniversaries, the names of their spouses and children, their nicknames, and even their web page addresses.

This chapter takes you inside the Contacts app and shows you how to add and edit contacts, import contact data from other programs, and customize the Contacts app.

Eyeballing the Contacts App

Let's get right down to business. ...

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