Chapter 9

Crunching Numbers


check Creating powerful formulas with your bare hands

check Beefing up your formulas with functions

check Sorting and filtering your sheet data

check Creating data eye candy with charts

check Creating a nice, neat summary of your data with a pivot table

Although you can use Sheets as a simple database for storing text and numbers, that’s not what the program is designed to do. At its heart, Sheets is a powerful and sophisticated calculator that can take the raw data on a sheet and summarize it, analyze it, visualize it, and manipulate it in many different ways. In short, Sheets is all about crunching numbers, and that prowess is what this chapter is all about. In the pages that follow, I help you explore such number-crunching features as formulas, functions, sorting and filtering data, visualizing data with charts, analyzing data with pivot tables, and much more. There's a lot of ground to cover, so you had better get started… .

Building Formulas

The secret behind ...

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