Chapter 19

Ten Ways to Enhance Privacy and Security


check Protecting your network and your Google account with a super-duper password

check Taking security to the next level with verification options

check Beefing up Gmail security

check Managing which of your online activities is tracked by Google

check Looking for suspicious devices on your account

G Suite is useful because it contains so many great apps for such a wide variety of activities: email, scheduling, contacts, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, meetings, chat, notes, and much more. The downside to this impressive variety of uses is that your G Suite apps end up storing an equally impressive variety of work and personal information. And the more you use the G Suite apps, the more information about you gets stored online. You can quickly end up with a big chunk of your professional and personal lives stored in the cloud, so it pays to take whatever steps are required to keep that data safe and control who can see it and when.

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