CHAPTER 15Keeping Up with the Industry

We have spent an entire book looking at advisory firms from the inside. There is a reason for this emphasis on the internal perspective: Most development, training, and responsibilities are internally driven. However, we can't forget that the advisory industry is quickly changing and ever‐evolving. Firms are always in search of better market positioning by differentiating themselves and improving their client services vis‐à‐vis the competition. You can't develop as a professional by ignoring what the rest of the industry is doing.

Founders spend a lot of time in the company of other founders. Custodian meetings and industry associations bring them together frequently while study groups and even informal meetings and calls strengthen that connection. Both founders and their firms have benefited tremendously from the shared knowledge, networking, and support provided by industry collaboration. G2 can use the same support system. By getting active in study groups and industry meetings, G2 professionals can accelerate their development, improve their technical knowledge, learn best practices, and create lifelong industry connections.

If you have spent any time at industry forums as a G2 professional, you probably already realize that you are part of a growing group of people who feel a lot of camaraderie for each other. Every year The Ensemble Practice starts a new class of our G2 training program, and we are always amazed to see the energy ...

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