Galaxy S II: The Missing Manual

Book description

Unlock the potential of Samsung's Galaxy S II with this jargon-free guide from technology guru Preston Gralla. You’ll quickly learn how to shoot high-res photos and HD video, keep your schedule, stay in touch, and enjoy your favorite media. Every page is packed with illustrations and valuable advice to help you get the most from the smartest phone in town. (Note: This book does not cover the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and later models.)

The important stuff you need to know:

  • Get dialed in. Learn your way around the Galaxy S II’s calling and texting features.
  • Go online. Browse the Web, manage email, and download apps with Galaxy S II’s 3G/4G network (or create your own hotspot).
  • Master your media. Shoot and share pictures and video, organize and play your music library—and send it wirelessly to your TV or stereo.
  • Be entertained now. Start watching movies and TV shows while they’re still loading.
  • Explore the world. Get news and weather, find a location, and navigate by GPS.
  • Check your schedule. Use the convenient calendar app, and sync it with your Google and Outlook calendars.

Preston Gralla is the author of more than 40 books, including Missing Manuals on Droid X2, Xoom, and Galaxy Tab. He’s the editor of and OnDotNet, and a contributing editor to Computerworld.

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Table of contents

  1. Galaxy S II: The Missing Manual
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    2. The Missing Credits
      1. About the Author
        1. About the Author
        2. About the Creative Team
        3. Acknowledgements
        4. The Missing Manual Series
    3. Introduction
      1. About the Samsung Galaxy S II
      2. About This Book
      3. About the Outline
      4. About→These→Arrows
      5. About the Online Resources
        1. Missing CD
        2. Registration
        3. Feedback
        4. Errata
        5. Newsletter
      6. Safari® Books Online
    4. I. The Basics
      1. 1. The Guided Tour
        1. Power/Lock Key
          1. Locking the Screen
        2. Headset Jack
        3. About the Screen
          1. Built-in Sensors
        4. Status Bar Icons
        5. The Four Keys
          1. Menu Key
          2. Home Key
          3. Back Key
          4. Search Key
        6. Micro USB Port and Charger
        7. Ringer Volume
        8. Microphone
        9. Battery
        10. SIM Card
        11. MicroSD Card
        12. Camera
        13. Home Screen
          1. Settings Pane
          2. Social Networking Pane
          3. Widgets and Apps on Other Panes
        14. Customizing the Home Screen and Panes
          1. Adding Widgets, Folders, Shortcuts, and Wallpaper
          2. Deleting and Moving
        15. Deleting and Adding Panes
        16. Controlling the Galaxy S II with Your Fingers
          1. Tap
          2. Touch and Hold
          3. Drag
          4. Slide
          5. Flick
          6. Pinch and Spread
          7. Double-Tap
      2. 2. Typing and Texting
        1. The Keyboards
          1. Switching Among the Three Keyboards
        2. Using the Android Keyboard
          1. Auto-Suggestions and the Dictionary
          2. Moving the Insertion Point
          3. Accented and Special Characters
          4. The Express Lane to Punctuation Marks
          5. The Widescreen Keyboard
        3. Using the Swype Keyboard
          1. Swype Keyboard Layout
          2. Tips for Using Swype
        4. Using the Samsung Keypad
        5. Copying and Pasting Text
          1. Copying Text from a Web Page
        6. Searching Your Samsung Galaxy S II
          1. Performing a Search
          2. Controlling Searches
        7. Voice Search
        8. Text Messaging
          1. Receiving a Text Message
          2. Sending a Text Message
          3. Adding Pictures, Audio, and Video
          4. Text Messaging Tricks
        9. Google Talk
      3. 3. Phone Calls
        1. Placing a Phone Call
        2. Dialing a Call
          1. Choosing from the Logs List
          2. Choosing from Your Contacts
        3. Managing Contacts
          1. Adding a Contact
          2. Editing Contacts
          3. Working with Groups
          4. Fancy Tricks with Contacts
        4. Designating Favorites
        5. Answering Calls
          1. Turning Off the Ring
          2. Ignoring the Call
        6. Conference Calling
        7. Voicemail
          1. Visual Voicemail
        8. Call Waiting
        9. Call Forwarding
        10. Caller ID
        11. Bluetooth Earpieces
          1. Pairing with a Bluetooth Earpiece
          2. Bluetooth Car Kits
    5. II. Music, Pictures, and Video
      1. 4. Music
        1. Where to Get Music
        2. Using the Music App
        3. Playing Your Music
          1. More Music Controls and Features
          2. Sound Effects and the Equalizer
        4. Creating Playlists
        5. Using Your Galaxy S II While Playing Music
        6. Playing Music and Media on Other Devices
        7. Google Music Cloud Player
      2. 5. Camera, Photos, and Video
        1. Opening the Gallery
          1. Viewing Pictures
        2. More Photo Options
        3. Working with Multiple Photos
        4. Videos in the Gallery
        5. Taking Still Photos
        6. Using the Onscreen Controls
        7. Customizing Your Photo Shooting
        8. Taking Video
        9. Using HDMI to View Photos and Videos on a TV or Monitor
        10. YouTube
          1. Playing a Video
          2. Finding Videos
          3. Recording and Uploading Videos
    6. III. Maps, Apps, and Calendar
      1. 6. Maps, Navigation, and Other Galaxy S II Apps
        1. Maps
          1. Browsing Google Maps
          2. Changing Your View
          3. Traffic
          4. More Layers
          5. The Nifty Compass Button
          6. How the Galaxy S II Finds Your Location
          7. Searching Maps
          8. Finding Businesses and Contacts
          9. Getting Directions
          10. Turn-by-Turn Navigation
          11. Street View
        2. Weather
        3. Reading the News
          1. Changing News Settings
          2. Using the News Widget
          3. An Even Better Way to Read News
        4. Calculator
      2. 7. Calendar
        1. Using the Calendar
          1. Calendar Views
          2. Making an Appointment
          3. Additional Event Options
          4. Getting Notifications About Who Has Accepted
          5. Editing, Rescheduling, and Deleting Events
          6. Accepting an Invitation
        2. Calendar and Geolocation
          1. Working with Multiple Calendars
          2. More Calendar Options
        3. Google Calendar on the Web
          1. What Happened to Google Tasks?
        4. Synchronizing Your Calendar with Outlook
        5. Corporate Calendar and Microsoft Exchange
    7. IV. Online
      1. 8. Getting Online: Wi-Fi, 3G, and Mobile Hot Spots
        1. How the Galaxy S II Gets Online
        2. Connecting via Wi-Fi
          1. Disconnecting and Reconnecting
          2. Connecting to For-Pay Wi-Fi Networks
          3. Connecting to an “Invisible” Network
          4. Using WPS
        3. Turning Your Galaxy S II into a Wi-Fi Hot Spot or Tethering It
          1. Setting Up a Hot Spot
          2. Setting Up and Using Tethering
        4. Configuring Wi-Fi Direct
        5. Flight Mode
      2. 9. The Web
        1. The Galaxy S II’s Browser
        2. Basic Navigation and Managing Windows
        3. Navigating a Web Page
        4. Multiple Windows
        5. Web Pages Designed for Mobile Phones
        6. The Address Bar
          1. Typing an Address
          1. Adding a Bookmark
          2. Managing Bookmarks
        8. Most Visited and History Lists
          1. Editing and Managing the Most Visited List
          2. Editing and Managing the History List
        9. Tapping Links
          1. Other Nifty Things to Tap
        10. Saving Online Images
          1. Viewing Images and Downloaded Pages
        11. Finding Text, Sharing Pages, Getting Page Information, and More
        12. Selecting and Copying Text
        13. Getting the Facts with RSS
        14. Online Privacy and Security
          1. Pop-up Blocker
          2. Cookies
          3. Privacy Settings
        15. Using Other Browsers
      3. 10. Email, Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook
        1. Understanding Email on the Galaxy S II
        2. Setting Up Gmail
        3. Reading Mail in Gmail
          1. Handling Graphics in Gmail
          2. Attachments in Gmail
          3. Add the Sender to Your Contacts
        4. Replying and Forwarding in Gmail
        5. Understanding Gmail’s Organization
        6. Managing Incoming Mail in Gmail
          1. Managing Multiple Email Messages
        7. Writing Messages in Gmail
          1. Adding a Signature
        8. Working with Labels and Search
        9. Searching Gmail
          1. Advanced Gmail Searching
        10. Setting Up Email Accounts
          1. POP3 and IMAP Accounts
        11. Reading Mail
        12. Handling Attachments and Pictures in Email
          1. Attachments in Email
          2. Adding the Sender to Your Contacts
        13. Managing Mail
        14. Creating and Sending Mail
          1. Adding a Signature
        15. Using Web-Based Mail Programs
        16. The Samsung Social Hub
        17. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on the Galaxy S II
          1. Setting Up Your Accounts
          2. Using Social Networking Services
          3. Using Social Networking Apps and Widgets
          4. Facebook and Twitter Message Notifications
          5. Using Google+
      4. 11. Downloading and Using Apps
        1. The Galaxy S II’s Free and Easy Approach to Apps
        2. Apps and Multitasking
          1. Seeing Your Most Recently Run Apps
        3. Where to Get Apps
        4. Using Market
          1. Browsing by Library Divisions and Categories
          2. Searching the Market for Apps
          3. Getting Info About an App
          4. Downloading and Installing Apps
        5. Downloading from the Web
        6. Downloading and Using a Bar Code Scanner
        7. Updating Apps
        8. Managing, Sharing, and Uninstalling Apps
          1. Using the Task Manager for Managing Apps
        9. Putting an App on the Home Screen or Panes
        10. Troubleshooting Apps
        11. Six Great Apps
    8. V. Advanced
      1. 12. Transferring Music, Videos, Pictures, and Other Files
        1. Connecting Your Galaxy S II to Your Computer
        2. Transferring Files Using Your PC
        3. Transferring Files Using Your Mac
        4. Transferring Music, Videos, and Pictures from a PC Using Windows Media Player
        5. Transferring Music, Videos, and Pictures to Your PC
        6. Using the Galaxy S II Files Application
        7. Checking Space on Your Galaxy S II
      2. 13. Taking the Galaxy S II to Work
        1. Setting Up Your Galaxy S II with Your Company Account
        2. Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
        3. Using Google Docs
          1. Creating and Editing Google Docs Documents
          2. Google Docs
          3. Gdocs
        4. Using Microsoft Office
      3. 14. Controlling the Galaxy S II with Your Voice
        1. Two Ways to Control the Galaxy S II by Voice
        2. Using the Magic of Voice Search
        3. What You Can Do with Voice Search
          1. Editing Text Messages and Email with Voice Search
          2. Sending Email with Voice Search
        4. Using Voice Talk
        5. What Can You Control with Your Voice?
        6. Setting Voice Talk and Voice Search Options
      4. 15. Settings
        1. Wireless and Network
          1. Flight Mode
          2. Wi-Fi Settings
          3. Bluetooth
          4. Bluetooth Settings
          5. USB Utilities
          6. Tethering and Portable Hotspot
          7. VPN Settings
          8. Mobile Networks
        2. Call
        3. Sound
        4. Display
        5. Power Saving Mode
        6. Location and Security
        7. Applications
        8. Accounts and Sync
          1. Google
          2. Facebook
          3. Phone Backup Assistant
          4. Add Account
        9. Motion
        10. Privacy
        11. Storage
        12. Language and Keyboard
        13. Voice Input and Output
          1. Text-to-Speech Settings
        14. Accessibility
        15. Dock Settings
        16. Date and Time
        17. About Phone
        18. Software Update
    9. VI. Appendixes
      1. A. Setup and Signup
        1. Choosing a Plan
          1. Your Phone Number
        2. Making Account Changes on the Web
        3. Upgrading to the Newest Software
      2. B. Accessories
        1. Useful Accessories
        2. Places to Shop
      3. C. Troubleshooting and Maintenance
        1. Make Sure Your Software is Up-to-Date
        2. Fixing a Frozen Phone
        3. Correcting Email Settings
          1. If Email Doesn’t Work at All
          2. If You Can’t Send Email
          3. Try using a different port
          4. Use Gmail’s outgoing mail server
        4. Troubleshooting the SD Card
        5. Resetting the Galaxy S II
        6. Warranty and Repair
        7. Where to Go for Help
    10. Index
    11. About the Author
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Product information

  • Title: Galaxy S II: The Missing Manual
  • Author(s): Preston Gralla
  • Release date: December 2011
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781449321277