Just as with computer-based browsers, your Tab’s browser lets you save your favorite sites as bookmarks—sites you can easily visit again without having to retype their URLs. In fact, before you even use your browser, it has bookmarks for few popular sites, like eBay, CNN, the Weather Channel, and others.

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To see your bookmarks, tap the Bookmarks button. You see all your bookmarks displayed as a group of thumbnails so that you can distinguish them visually. To see them as a list, tap the list icon at the top of the screen—it’s the fourth icon from the right. You’ll see your bookmarks as a list, and the list icon turns into a thumbnail icon. Tap the thumbnail icon to see your bookmarks as a list.

No matter which view you use, to go to a bookmarked site, tap the site. Voilà—you’re there.

When you’re viewing your bookmarks, to return to the browser, tap the small icon in the upper left of the screen.

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Adding a Bookmark

Whenever you visit a web page you want to add as a bookmark, tap the star-shaped Bookmark button. The name of the page (what your Galaxy Tab calls a label) and the address ...

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