Chapter 9. Books and Magazines

Your hardworking Galaxy Tab has a great trick up its virtual sleeve for you—it’s a stellar electronic book, magazine, and newspaper reader. With it, you can choose from thousands of books, magazines, and newspapers, and have them all within easy reach whenever you want.

In fact, the Galaxy Tab can even read books formatted for the Kindle or Nook, because you can download Kindle or Nook readers for free from the Android Market. You can even sync your Kindle or Nook books with your Tab. And it’s got the excellent Google Books app built right into it as well.

So get ready to curl up with your favorite book, magazine, or newspaper—but first curl up with this chapter.

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Using Google Books

You’ve already got a great eReader built into the Galaxy Tab—Google Books. Tap the Books icon on the Home screen or in the App Menu and get ready to start reading.

If you already use Google Books on the Web, the Nook, or another Android device, you see that your books are right there, just waiting for you to dig in. The information about the books you’re reading automatically synchronizes among all your devices. Tap the book you want to read; that’s all it takes.

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Depending on your settings, and whether you’ve already read an individual book, a book may not be available if you ...

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