Chapter 1

Getting Started


  • Learning about the software used in this book
  • Downloading the book’s SDK
  • Understanding the SDK architecture
  • Importing projects into your IDE
  • Understanding this book’s template application
  • Learning how to work with the template code structure

In this chapter, you will first start by setting up your development environment to be able to work with this book’s tutorials and examples.

You will then receive a quick introduction about this book’s SDK and where to download it, and learn about the different directories it contains. Then you will learn how to import this book’s existing SDK projects and templates into your favorite IDE, as you will do throughout this book when following the different tutorials.

Moving on to the last section of this chapter, you will learn about this book’s cross-platform template project. And finally, this chapter concludes with a quick tutorial that will help you to get familiar with the events of the template, as well as with the tone that will be used for all the tutorials in this book.


This book’s content is built to run on iOS 5.x+ as well as for Android 2.x+, the latest and most stable versions of these two mobile operating systems at the time this book was written.

For iOS Developers

To use this book for iOS, all you have to do is to grab a copy of the latest iOS SDK available at, and install it on your Mac.

Out-of-the-box the iOS SDK provides a simulator ...

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