WELCOME TO Game and Graphics Programming for iOS and Android with OpenGL ES 2.0. This book is not your usual “OpenGL Hello Triangle” book — it’s not meant to explain the “why” (Google is there for that), but rather, to show you the “how.” This book will strictly teach you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to game and graphics programming.

Using more than 50 unique tutorials (which also include some full game frameworks), this book adopts a straightforward practical approach (probably never seen before) that only focuses on what you need to learn to insure that you will be able to create a game.

You will learn all the necessary elements in order to create a full-fledged game with rich 3D graphics. If you are looking for an aggressive teaching method that enables you to quickly move forward to create your dream game, this book is for you!


Be aware that this is not a beginner book. It is an intermediate-level book that assumes you are familiar with linear algebra (matrices, vectors, and quaternions), you have a strong C/C++ programming background, you have at least touched base with OpenGL or OpenGL ES, and you basically know how computer graphics work in general.

If you have this necessary knowledge, and want to make lightning-fast progress in game and graphics programming, then you have found the right publication. This book is written for people who want to learn the hardcore stuff fast in order to be able to create and push a full-fledged ...

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