Appendix BBlueprint Primer

Navigating, Creating and Connecting

RMB Click, hold and drag: Move the graph

Mouse Wheel: Zoom in / out

LMB Click on node: Select node

LMB Click, hold and drag in empty space: Marquee selection

LMB Click on selected node(s), hold and drag: Move Selected item(s)

RMB click in empty space: Open the -Graph Action Menu

LMB Click on node pin, hold and drag out to empty space: Open the Graph Action Menu

LMB click on node pin, hold and drag out to other pin: Make new connections Ctrl + LMB click on node pin with existing connection, hold and drag top new node pin: Move an existing connection.

Alt + LMB click on node pin to break connections.

Double-click on a wire to insert a reroute node (for keeping things tidy).

You can ...

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