Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity

Book description

A complete guide to creating usable, realistic game characters with two powerful tools

Creating viable game characters requires a combination of skills. This book teaches game creators how to create usable, realistic game assets using the power of an open-source 3D application and a free game engine. It presents a step-by-step approach to modeling, texturing, and animating a character using the popular Blender software, with emphasis on low polygon modeling and an eye for using sculpting and textures, and demonstrates how to bring the character into the Unity game engine.

  • Game creation is a popular and productive pursuit for both hobbyists and serious developers; this guide brings together two effective tools to simplify and enhance the process

  • Artists who are familiar with Blender or other 3D software but who lack experience with game development workflow will find this book fills important gaps in their knowledge

  • Provides a complete tutorial on developing a game character, including modeling, UV unwrapping, sculpting, baking displacements, texturing, rigging, animation, and export

  • Emphasizes low polygon modeling for game engines and shows how to bring the finished character into the Unity game engine

Whether you're interested in a new hobby or eager to enter the field of professional game development, this book offers valuable guidance to increase your skills.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Credits
  4. Copyright
  5. Publisher's Note
  6. Dedication
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. About the Author
  9. Introduction
    1. What Is Blender?
    2. What Is the Unity Game Engine?
    3. Where Do I Get Blender and Unity?
    4. Who Should Buy This Book
    5. What You Will Learn
    6. How to Use This Book
    7. What’s Inside
    8. How to Contact the Author
  10. Chapter 1: Basic Game Art Concepts
    1. Game Design Workflows
    2. Creating Game Assets
    3. Understanding and Optimizing 3D Game Art
    4. Working with Game Engines
    5. Scripting Happens
  11. Chapter 2: Blender Basics for Game Characters
    1. Working with Blender’s Unique Features
    2. Working with Editor Arrangement and Types
    3. Navigating and Viewing 3D Space
    4. Creating and Manipulating Objects
    5. Using the Properties Editor
    6. Know Your Hotkeys
    7. Making a Simple Block Character
    8. Useful Techniques
  12. Chapter 3: Modeling the Character
    1. Working with Model Sheets
    2. Shaping the Torso for Low Polygon Count
    3. Extruding the Legs and Feet
    4. Making the Arms and Hands
    5. Separating Body Components to Create Clothing
    6. Creating the Head with Poly-by-Poly Modeling
    7. Carving Out Zombie Damage
  13. Chapter 4: Prepping for Zombie Details with UV Unwrapping
    1. The Uses of UV Layouts
    2. Drawing Seams
    3. Using Blender’s UV/Image Editor
    4. Laying Out a UV Sheet
    5. Using Blender’s Live Unwrap Functions
  14. Chapter 5: Sculpting for Normal Maps
    1. The Purpose of Sculpting
    2. Introducing the Multires Modifier
    3. Using Blender’s Sculpting Interface
    4. Sculpting the Zombie in Blender
    5. Baking Normal Maps
  15. Chapter 6: Digital Painting Color Maps
    1. Understanding Digital Painting
    2. Preparing for Color Map Painting
    3. Digital Painting Best Practices
    4. Applying Your Color Map to the Zombie
  16. Chapter 7: Rigging for Realistic Movement
    1. Understanding Rigging
    2. Creating a Simple Armature
    3. Finishing the Armature with Constraints
    4. Linking the Armature and Zombie
  17. Chapter 8: Animating the Zombie
    1. Understanding and Planning Game Animation
    2. Using Blender’s Animation System
    3. Creating an Idle Animation
    4. Creating a Walk Animation
    5. Creating a Chase Animation
    6. Creating a Run Animation
    7. Organizing Your Animations
  18. Chapter 9: Unity Engine Basics
    1. Understanding Unity’s Logic and Interface
    2. Building a Whiteblock Level with Unity Primitives
    3. Creating and Editing Materials in Unity
    4. Organizing Assets with Unity Empties
  19. Chapter 10: Implementing Your Zombie in a Unity Game
    1. Importing Models into Unity
    2. Unity Scripting—A Crash Course
    3. Adding Interactivity to the Zombie
    4. Turning the First Person Controller into an FPS Hero
    5. Adding Other Gameplay Elements
    6. Wrapping Up
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2012
  • Publisher(s): Sybex
  • ISBN: 9781118237717