Eight-Player Poker Characters
Players (static 2D images)
Normal Eyes Open/Closed Mouth Open/Closed Extra Animation
Beth BethEC BethMO
Carol CarolEC CarolMO CarolWink
Carver CarverEC CarverMO
Cathy CathyEC CathyMO
Curly CurlyEC CurlyMO CurlyTiltHead
Gerald GeraldEC GeraldMC
Harry HarryEC HarryMO
Hazel HazelEC HazelMO
Lakisha LakishaEC LakishaMO
Mark MarkEC MarkMO
Meredith MeredithEC MeredithMO
Mitch MitchEC MitchMC
Thomas ThomasEC ThomasMO
The Game Design Document 323
Chapter 15

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