Assignment 1: Select one of the “Pedersen Principles” and comment
about how it relates to your thinking and experience.
Assignment 2: Discuss (a) a genre that you would want to develop a new
game in, (b) a licensed game in a genre that you’d want to design a game
in, and (c) a genre that would be the most difficult to develop a game in
and how you would accomplish its design.
Assignment 3: Discuss a game with a complex interface and how you
would redesign it for easier play.
Assignment 4: Find at least three job postings on the Internet for “game
designers” and write your own cover letter that addresses every require
ment and why you should get this job.
Exercise 1: Now that you understand the roles of the game designer and
the producer, answer the following questions about the roles with either
“game designer” or “producer.”
1. Who is the “communication facilitator”?
2. Who is the game’s “visionary”?
3. Who is the author of the GDD?
4. Who is the game’s champion?
5. Who does the QA team report problems and bugs to?
6. Who should accept and solicit game modifications?
7. Who is the game’s “project manager”?
8. Who must act as a diplomat and politician?
Exercise 2: Explain the concept of KISS in your own words.
Exercise 3: Further explain the roles of the game designer and producer.
1. Should the producer test the game? Explain your answer.
2. Should the game designer manage the programmers and artists?
Explain your answer.
Unguided Exercises
Unguided Exercise 1: Name some gaming websites that a serious game
designer should visit weekly.
Unguided Exercise 2: Internet Search
1. What is the name of the game industry’s annual convention?
2. When will it be held next?
30 Chapter 2

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