The Survival of the Fittest is a nice twist from all those hunting FPS
games that flooded the stores after Deer Hunter.
Let’s do some research for our game, The Survival of the Fittest.
Researching a Simulation
Game: The Survival of the Fittest
The time period for this simulation
game is the Ice Age. Homo erectus,
or the “upright man,” is thought to
have evolved around 1.5 million years
ago. Then 200,000 to 250,000 years
ago, the Neanderthal (or Neandertal)
appeared. Around 25,000 B.C., the
Cro-Magnon man became the fittest
In my research, I decided to
include the Homo erectus in the
design for the initial migration from
Africa to Europe and Asia and for their
primitive lifestyle.
Similar successful products would
be the Deer Hunter series and the
hundreds of products that mimicked
it, as well as The Sims, since in this
game you’ll be monitoring and making
decisions for tribe or clan members
for several generations.
Comments on competing hunting
games are:
Actual animal sounds, realistic 3D animations and graphics,
true-to-life animal behavior and weather conditions.
The game captures the essence of the outdoors. Accurate AI and the
animals react to the hunter’s sounds and scents.
The ability to customize the input keys and option settings.
The game ran well on an average computer.
Difficult to see the animals’ tracks.
Sounds were repetitious and did not have much variety.
The game had little variance in the gameplay.
98 Chapter 6
Neanderthal man, reconstructed from
a skull found in Amud, Israel. Used
with permission from the Neanderthal
Museum, Mettmann, Germany

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