Where to Go Next: My Blog and Contact Info

nwn.blogs.com is the address of my blog, New World Notes, the first place I hope you visit after reading this book. This blog began when I was helping develop Second Life, the user-generated virtual world game platform, which I still write about (and occasionally develop in). I’ve since expanded the blog to cover user-generated gaming in general.

This is where you come in, game developer. Tell me about the iOS/web/Facebook games you’re making, because I probably want to write about them and encourage my readers to play them. (After all, you bought my book, which pretty much proves how brilliant you are.) I also love writing about your crowd-funded game projects, because there’s nothing cooler than a community of gamers coming together to help developers fund the games they’re passionate about.

I’m also a part-time game developer (especially on the design, writing, and branding/marketing/business development side of things), so if you’re interested in talking with me in that capacity, please contact me. In any case, I look forward to reading about your projects.

My e-mail address is wjamesau@gmail.com.

My Facebook account is Wagner James Au. (Feel free to friend!)

My Twitter account is @SLHamlet.

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