Appendix A



An accomplishment in a game for performing an action or combination of actions successfully. Achievements are a means to communicate progress and success to a player. Achievements often come with badges or other rewards that players may collect and display.

ad network

A business that connects the sellers of advertising inventory (publishers, such as game creators) with the buyers of ads (marketers and advertising agencies).

agile development

The creation of working software through rapid iteration, focused on customer collaboration and self-organizing teams.


Automatic belief-like behavior that may be in conflict with observable facts.


In the model of recurring character themes presented by Joseph Campbell, called the monomyth, as well as dreams studied by Carl Jung, an archetype is one of the recorring character types—such as a rebel, a mother, a hero, etc.


Average Revenue per User, determined by dividing total revenue (for a particular period of time) by the number of active users. When this refers to the average revenue per paying user, this is sometimes also referred to as ARPPU.


A system in which events can occur in any order, such as a game where different players can place their moves without being concerned about the order that other players are moving. Contrast with synchronous.


Customer Acquisition Cost, the total expenses spent on acquiring new customers divided by the actual number of customers acquired. ...

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