Futuremedia, Rethinking the World of Media and Content

When Dietmar Mateschitz declared that Red Bull is a media company much more than a drinks brand, it made people think about what media really is today and how value is created. Here was a manufacturer, through its adventures into extreme sporting events, that realized that its brand stood for much more than adrenelin in a can. From magazines to movies, the attitudes and activities of the brand were captured in many ways.

The phrase ‘media' used to be quite obvious. Printers and broadcasters gathered content and delivered it to you through their books, newspapers, TV and radio channels. Now it is much more complicated. We live in a world surrounded by multiple screens. Screens are our windows into a mashed-up world of endless content and channel options. It can seem like overload, but at the same time we are in control of what, when and how we consume it. We search, select and shape the content we want. We increasingly create and share it too. As a result content is about collaboration and media on shared platforms.

Audiences have transformed from passive masses into individual participants, demanding and discerning, emotional and addictive. We consume on demand, absorbing information in snack size chunks, preferring images rather than words. We also like to occasionally ...

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