Ideas are good, but the future is created by applying them in the real world. In today's markets the future is rarely created by the large, slow and complex corporations, and more often by the fast and free-thinking smaller companies who see and seize change first.

Newness is created in the margins not the mainstream.

I asked 100 game-changing entrepreneurs, thinkers and business leaders about what inspired them, who they would nominate as ‘gamechangers'. Familiar innovators like Amazon, Apple and Nike were popular choices, but they also talked about many other local and emerging brands – showing that every one of us could be a gamechanger:

Natura, the eco-friendly Brazilian cosmetic company who has changed their entire view on what cosmetics of the future is all about – focusing on ordinary woman.'

    Martin Lindstrom, author of Buyology, Copenhagen, Denmark

‘To point out one we would maybe say Nike. The company moved away from “plain jane” product (although very good ones!) to an extended halo of services that together with brilliant advertising is really making a difference for users. They recognized that it ...

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