Chapter 2

Discovering GameMaker: Studio Features and Tools

In This Chapter

arrow Getting acquainted with the interface

arrow Adding Sounds to your game

arrow Making things pretty with Sprites

arrow Bringing your game to life with Objects

arrow Putting your Objects in Rooms

In this chapter, I provide a broad overview of some of the most used features and tools of GameMaker. That includes the interface, Sounds, Sprites, Objects, Actions, and Events. I go into much more detail on Actions and Events in the following chapters, but here I show you how to get started with creating and loading Sprites, adding music as a resource, and creating an Object that you can place in a Room. Buckle up, folks — this ride is about to start!

Navigating the GameMaker Interface

The basic work area within GameMaker consists of several sections. These sections are laid out in an organized manner to form the interface from which you work. You see a main menu along the top and an icon menu directly below that; these two menus provide separate ...

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