Cheat on Other Consoles

There are still plenty of cheats for the GameCube and older consoles.

Although the Xbox and PlayStation 2 have the most cheats currently ( [Hack #73] and [Hack #74] ), there’s plenty of metagaming goodness to go around. There are cheat devices for other consoles, both brand new and classic, as well as cool cheats and hacks you can do on them.

One of the best sources for older game hacks is GSCentral ( The site has a prodigious amount of codes, not just for the GameShark (from which the page takes its name), but also for the N64 and SNES formats commercial web sites no longer cover. It also features invaluable, otherwise lost tips on cheat code hacking and conversion for older console systems ( If you want to convert eight-letter SNES Game Genie codes to six-letter versions, GSCentral is the place to go.

GameCube Variable Hacking

Overall, the GameCube is fairly fertile ground for code hacking, even though there are fewer games available for it than other systems and only one main code-hacking device. Datel’s Action Replay device again dominates the GameCube scene. This time, it’s the only major device, so you don’t have much choice. You may have heard that Datel’s Freeloader CD allows you to play games from other regions ( [Hack #49] ), but the Action Replay includes this technology, as well as the standard, encrypted Datel multidigit code formats for entering cheats. You’re supposed ...

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