Chapter 19

Keeping Your Marketing GDPR-Compliant


Bullet Discovering the definition of marketing

Bullet Considering the lawful grounds of processing for marketing communications

Bullet Opt-in etiquette, the ePrivacy Directive, and the lawful grounds for processing

Bullet The consequences of noncompliance with the GDPR in your marketing

Bullet Facebook, display, email, and other types of online marketing

Bullet Events, referrals, and more types of offline marketing

Applying data protection rules to marketing activities is one of the areas of data protection that is most confusing to organizations. This is because for certain forms of marketing, a number of other regulations apply in addition to the GDPR, such as EU member state laws derived from the EU's ePrivacy Directive and other local laws that are specific to certain sectors.

In addition, marketing often involves a large number of third parties, such as ...

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