Chapter 24

Ten Ways to Train Employees to Be Good Stewards of Data


Bullet Tailoring training to your organization and your employees’ learning styles

Bullet Presenting training face-to-face and in small workshops

Bullet Teaching data basics, job-based details, and your internal systems

Bullet Providing refresher courses, multiple sessions, and reminders

Bullet Making it safe for staff to report breaches and other privacy-related incidents

Bullet Instituting a culture of privacy — from the top down

Human error causes the vast majority of data breaches. This makes it absolutely essential that you, as a data controller or processor, provide all relevant staff with suitable training on data protection matters.

In fact, Article 39 of the GDPR provides that the DPO shall provide staff involved in processing operations with training in data protection matters. And, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the ...

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