84 Geac System21 commerce.connect: Implementation on the iSeries Server
2. The Create server instance page (Figure 4-7) appears. Follow these steps:
a. Enter the server instance name, such as the NEW in our example.
b. Enter the configuration that was just created, which is CC in this example.
c. Click Create.
Figure 4-7 Create server instance page
You see the message Message The server instance was successfully created.
In WRKACTJOB SBS(QHTTPSVR), you now see ADMIN jobs and jobs with the name of the
instance that was just created. All should be in
wait states. The first one should be in a
CNDW wait state.
Setting up on the iSeries
This section explains how to set up journaling for certain files. It discusses special user
profiles for vendor.connect that use a specifically configured job description to give
vendor.connect its library list. This section also explains how to set up extra System21 data
and database triggers for the required files.
Because WebSphere applications run under commitment control, you must journal files that
are used by vendor.connect. Since you must journal files from different libraries, you must
create the journal receiver and the journal in a new library rather than in an existing System21
library. You must journal the files listed on the following page to operate vendor.connect.
However, merely journaling these files does not give you full advantages of journaling such as
extra security.
Performance improves if files are journaled to an auxiliary storage pool (ASP). The following
steps provide commands for use with and without an ASP.
Chapter 4. Installing and setting up vendor.connect 85
You must journal the following files at a minimum:
򐂰 All physical files in the OSLVCF3 library (except for files named XAPnn if they were there)
򐂰 The PMP02 and PMP09 files in the OSLD1F3 library
򐂰 The AGP00, AGP10, and AGP20 files in the OSLD2F3 library
To journal these files with
no ASP, follow these steps:
1. Sign on as QSECOFR.
2. Create a new library for the journal receiver and journal such as OSLF3:
CRTLIB LIB(OSLF3) TEXT('OSL journal library')
3. Create a journal receiver:
CRTJRNRCV JRNRCV(OSLF3/OSL0001) THRESHOLD(50000) TEXT('System21 journal receiver.')
4. Create a journal:
To journal the files using an ASP, follow these steps:
1. Create a separate library for the journal receiver:
CRTLIB LIB(OSLF3R) TEXT('OSL journal receiver library')
2. Create a journal receiver:
3. Create the journal as shown in step 4 in the previous sequence of steps.
To journal a single file, such as ADDRESS, use the following command:
To journal multiple files within a library, complete the following steps.
1. Start the Programming Development Manager (PDM):
2. Select option 9 (Work with user-defined options).
Note: The following commands are sample commands only. You may vary them as
Note: This is the recommended method.
86 Geac System21 commerce.connect: Implementation on the iSeries Server
3. The Specify Option File to Work With display (Figure 4-8) appears. Press Enter to accept
the defaults (File QAUOOPT, Library QGPL, and Member QAUOOPT).
Figure 4-8 Working with the user-defined options
4. On the next panel, press F6 to create a new user-defined option.
5. On the Create User-Defined Option display (Figure 4-9), enter the following information:
Option: SJ
Press Enter.
6. You return to the list of user-defined options. Press F3.
Figure 4-9 Create User-Defined Option display
7. You return to the PDM menu. Select option 2 (Work with objects).
8. On the next display, enter the library that contains the files to journal for example, OSLOMF3.
Under object, set:
Specify Option File to Work With
Type choices, press Enter.
File . . . . . . . . . . QAUOOPT Name, F4 for list
Library . . . . . . . . QGPL *LIBL, *CURLIB, name
Member . . . . . . . . . QAUOOPT Name
F3=Exit F5=Refresh F12=Cancel
Create User-Defined Option
Type option and command, press Enter.
Option . . . . . . . . . SJ Option to create
Command . . . . . . . . . STRJRNPF FILE(&L/&N) JRN(OMF3/OSL) OMTJRNE(*OPNCL
F3=Exit F4=Prompt F12=Cancel

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