Chapter 5. Performance tuning 121
26.On the Work with Active Jobs display (Figure 5-15), press F11 to see the Pool column. All
the jobs, except the subsystem monitor QEJBSBS, should be running in your new pool
(the number noted in step 21). If the new pool is not being used, then verify that you
followed step 9 through step 11 on page 117 correctly.
Figure 5-15 WRKACTJOB command showing the pool numbers for the QEJBSBS jobs
As in Figure 5-13, the jobs are using pool 3. This matches the *SHRPOOL2 entry in the
earlier WRKSYSSTS display. Note that the subsystem job itself is still using system pool 2,
which is *BASE. This is because the simplification mentioned in step 8 on page 116 was not
taken. Note also that the default instance of WebSphere is not running. However, an
alternative instance TEST is running, and so is the application SALESTEST within it.
5.2.4 Automatic performance adjustment
You should verify whether automatic performance adjustment is active on your system. Check
the system value QPFRADJ by using the following command:
Figure 5-16 shows the Display System Value display for QPFRADJ.
Figure 5-16 DSPSYSVAL command showing the QPFRADJ system value
If the setting is not 0, then some form of automatic performance adjustment is active.

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