Gender in Music Production

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Ground-breaking in its synthesis of perspectives, Gender in Music Production offers a broadly considered and thought-provoking resource for professionals, students and researchers working in the field of music production today.

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  8. 1 Gender in Music Production – An Introduction
  9. Part One History and Context
    1. 2 Women in Music Production: A Contextualized History From the 1890s to the 1980s
    2. 3 The Role of Women in Music Production in Spain During the 1960s: Maryní Callejo and the “Brincos Sound”
    3. 4 The Representation of Women in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries Trikitixa
    4. 5 “Hey boy, hey girl, superstar DJ, here we go …”: Exploring the Experience of Female and Non-Binary DJs in the UK Music Scene
    5. 6 She Plays the Pipe: Galician Female Bagpipers in the Production of Local Tradition and Gender Identity
    6. 7 Rare Bird: Prince, Gender, and Music Production
  10. Part Two Women in the Studio
    1. 8 Slamming the Door to the Recording Studio – Or Leaving It Ajar?
    2. 9 Interview With Betty Cantor-Jackson
    3. 10 Twists in the Tracks: An Interview With Singer, Composer, and Sound Producer Aynee Osborn Joujon-Roche
  11. Part Three Personal Perspectives
    1. 11 Women in Audio: Trends in New York Through the Perspective of a Civil War Survivor
    2. 12 Three-Pronged Attack: The Pincer Movement of Gender Allies, Tempered Radicals, and Pioneers
    3. 13 Gender in Music Production: Perspective Through a Female and Feminine Lens
  12. Part Four Industrial Evolution
    1. 14 Addressing Gender Equality in Music Production: Current Challenges, Opportunities for Change, and Recommendations
    2. 15 The Female Music Producer and the Leveraging of Difference
    3. 16 Conversations in Berlin: Discourse on Gender, Equilibrium, and Empowerment in Audio Production
  13. Index

Product information

  • Title: Gender in Music Production
  • Author(s): Russ Hepworth-Sawyer, Jay Hodgson, Liesl King, Mark Marrington
  • Release date: April 2020
  • Publisher(s): Focal Press
  • ISBN: 9780429875861