Chapter 21

Nuclear Chemistry

  1. To start with need for the Nuclear Chemistry chapter.
  2. To define basic terms such as isotopes, isobars, isotones, isomers, and mirror nuclei.
  3. To describe radioactive elements and their decay .
  4. To illustrate nuclear instability with possible decay towards nuclear stability.
  5. To state magic numbers.
  6. To elaborate four types of radioactive decays with examples.
  7. To describe artificial radioactivity.
  8. To illustrate nuclear fission and fusion reaction with an example for each type.
  9. To elaborate the mass defect and binding energy of the nucleus from it.
  10. To define kinetics of radioactive decay with numerical problems.
  11. To briefly outline radioactive series.
  12. To state applications of isotopes.
  13. To illustrate carbon-14 ...

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