Understanding Reinsertion

Reinsertion is the process of taking chromosomes produced from selection, crossover, and mutation and inserting them back into a population to move on to the next generation. Look at evolve/4 in genetic.ex. It looks like this:

 def​ evolve(population, problem, generation, opts \\ []) ​do
  population = evaluate(population, &problem.fitness_function/1, opts)
  best = hd(population)
  IO.write(​"​​\rCurrent best: ​​#{​best.fitness​}​​\tGeneration: ​​#{​generation​}​​"​)
 if​ problem.terminate?(population, generation) ​do
  {parents, leftover} = select(population, opts)
  children = crossover(parents, opts)
  children ++ leftover
  |> mutation(opts)
  |> evolve(problem, generation+1, opts)
 end ...

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