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Geolocation in iOS

Book Description

The iPhone and iPad allow user positioning via multiple methods, including GPS. The growing number location-aware, and location-fenced, applications now arriving in the App Store make heavy use of these abilities. This book walks you through the basic tools you need to build geo-aware applications before diving into the available third-party geo-SDKs available for the iOS platform.

Table of Contents

  1. Geolocation in iOS
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  3. Preface
    1. Who Should Read This Book?
    2. What Should You Already Know?
    3. What Will You Learn?
    4. What’s In This Book?
    5. Conventions Used in This Book
    6. Using Code Examples
    7. Safari® Books Online
    8. How to Contact Us
    9. Acknowledgments
  4. 1. Introduction
    1. Hardware Support
    2. Detecting Hardware Differences
      1. GPS Availability
      2. Compass Availability
    3. Setting Required Hardware Capabilities
      1. Background Modes
  5. 2. Core Location
    1. The Standard Location Service
      1. Basic Usage
      2. Reporting the User’s Position
      3. Adding a User Interface
    2. Significant Location Monitoring
      1. Continuous Location Monitoring
      2. Sending Your Location to a Database
        1. Adding a database to your project
        2. Dealing with the database
        3. Getting the results from your device
    3. Region Monitoring
      1. Adding Region Monitoring
      2. Adding Local Notifications
  6. 3. Map Kit
    1. Adding a Map
    2. Annotating Maps
    3. Adding Overlays
  7. 4. Digital Compass
    1. About the Magnetometer
    2. Writing a Compass Application
      1. Determining the Heading in Landscape Mode
  8. 5. Geocoding
    1. Reverse Geocoding
      1. Using Alternative Reverse Geocoding Services
    2. Forward Geocoding
    3. Building an Example App
      1. CLPlacemark Objects
      2. Adding CLPlacemarks to Maps
  9. 6. Drawing Heat Maps
    1. Building an Earthquake Map
      1. Adding Earthquake Data
      2. Building the User Interface
      3. Adding the Overlay
      4. Adding the Heat Map
      5. Overlaying Other Data
    2. Overlaying Other Types of Images
  10. 7. Further Information and Third-Party SDKs
    1. Skyhook Wireless
      1. SpotRank
      2. Local Faves
    2. GeoLoqi
    3. MapBox
    4. Bing Maps Control for iOS
    5. ArcGIS for iOS
    6. Urban Airship
    7. Foursquare
  11. About the Author
  12. Colophon
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  14. Copyright