Chapter 23

Environmental Impact of Geothermal Power Plants

“While offering no detailed challenge to the proposition that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I do insist that the Wairakei borefield ranks high in New Zealand’s superb hierarchy of visual delights. If a tramper on Highway 1 were to pause at dusk 8 km north of Taupo on a moist day with a stiff breeze, he would see an eerie scene of haunting beauty. Scores of fleecy plumes are skyward only to be seized and devoured by green demons that haunt the boughs of imperial conifers; bundles of silvery bullwhips, cracked by an invisible giant who lurks behind the western hill, are caught in stop-action as they rise and fall in unison. It is an odd amalgam of technology and nature, of the Tin ...

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