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Get Bold: Using Social Media to Create a New Type of Social Business

Book Description

Using social media is a requirement in today’s business climate, so as a social business you are probably leveraging social media as much as possible. But are you truly maximizing this competitive advantage in today’s marketplace?

Get Bold offers a systematic approach to creating and implementing an effective and successful social media strategy for your business. Using the author’s "AGENDA" you can boldly take your business forward:

  • Attract and engage customers with exceptional brand experiences and personalized interactions across touch points

  • Achieve targeted savings and increased revenue

  • Improve customer insight

  • Outpace your competition and accelerate growth

  • The author provides lessons on doing it both right and wrong so you gain valuable perspective on techniques using the most critical communication vehicles in social networking. She also provides a shortcut on how to get started, patterning on successes in various companies and case studies.