Get Momentum

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A powerful and personalized process to improve your life and advance your career

Do you sometimes feel stuck, despite real efforts to gain momentum on goals you’ve set?

Momentum means you’re doing more than simply getting things done. It’s that feeling of satisfaction, the belief that you can achieve big goals and complete important projects that fulfill you both personally and professionally. Get Momentum coaches you in the mindset, skill set, and toolkit required to make progress on the items you have on your life and work goals faster and easier, while living a less stressful, more meaningful life. The authors, Jodi Womack and her husband Jason Womack, provide valuable insights into the psychology of change and how to direct your focus to experience fulfillment at work and in life.

The authors share what they know having built a successful executive coaching firm together, as well as facilitating leadership workshops in their home town and more than twenty countries around the world. Contrary to the promise of many self-help/business books, they believe there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success.Get Momentum teaches you how to make proactive changes based on the solid foundation of your own “quality of life” criteria. Jodi and Jason offer clear, step-by-step guidance on how to define your personal criteria so that you can Get Momentum, improve your life and enhance your career.

You will learn how to:

  • Answer the Call (What to do when you say “Someone should do something about this!")
  • Organize a Team and Gain the Perspective of People You Trust
  • Measure Something (Just Not Everything At Once)
  • Experiment Specifically and Practice Deliberately
  • Build Momentum, Recognize Your Wins, and Pay It Forward

With kindness, accountability and encouragement, Get Momentum will help you tap into your natural way of being to achieve professional goals and personal experiences that are on your bucket list, living a life you’re proud to share with others.

Table of contents

  1. Additional Praise for Get Momentum
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Chapter 1: Being Stuck Sucks
    1. Stuck Projects, Stuck Life
    2. This Thing Called Momentum
    3. What Does Being Stuck Sound Like?
    4. What Does Being Stuck Look Like?
    5. What Does Being Stuck Feel Like?
    6. Life Changes. Do You?
    7. The Power of Momentum
    8. Prevent Regret
    9. What Is Really Stopping You?
    10. Nobody Does This Alone. Nobody
    11. You Have Our Support
    12. Coming Up Next
  6. Chapter 2: The Five Stages of Momentum
    1. Where You Are Now
    2. What We Know about You
    3. We Are Here to Be of Service to You
    4. Note from Jason
    5. Note from Jodi
    6. The Five Stages of Momentum
    7. Do Something Different to Attain Something Different
    8. We Invite You to Get Momentum
    9. Coming Up Next
  7. Chapter 3: Motivation
    1. What Is Motivation, Really?
    2. Being Motivated versus Getting Motivated
    3. Where Do You Begin Getting Momentum?
    4. Your Motive for Action Is Your Legacy
    5. The Psychology of Motivation
    6. Jason's Momentum Experience
    7. Conflict and Motivation
    8. Get Momentum Member Experience
    9. Their Why Isn't Your Why
    10. The Get Momentum Leadership Academy
    11. Get Momentum Member Experience
    12. Commitment and Motivation
    13. Beware of Momentum Saboteurs
    14. Jodi's Momentum Experience
    15. The Power of Momentum
    16. Coming Up Next
  8. Chapter 4: Mentors: Whom Can I Learn From?
    1. What Is A Mentor, Really?
    2. Find Your Mentors
    3. The Function of Mentors
    4. Creating Your Team
    5. Jodi's Momentum Experience
    6. Others' Responses
    7. Just Knowing It's Possible
    8. Like Attracts Like; Success Attracts Success
    9. Get Momentum Member Experience
    10. Collaboration Is Key
    11. Going Further, Getting Momentum
    12. Lighten Your Load
    13. Jason's Momentum Experience
    14. Record What You Learn
    15. Coming Up Next
  9. Chapter 5: Milestones: What Are Three Subprojects I Can Complete?
    1. What Are Milestones, Really?
    2. Knowing What's Coming
    3. The Power of Milestones
    4. Examples of Planning the Get Momentum Leadership Retreat
    5. Why Three Subprojects?
    6. The 30/30 Rule
    7. Jason's Momentum Experience
    8. The 90/90 Rule
    9. Get Momentum Member Experience
    10. Create Your Future
    11. A Note of Caution
    12. Coming Up Next
  10. Chapter 6: Monitor: What Positive Things Are Happening That I Can Acknowledge?
    1. What Do You Need to Monitor, Really?
    2. The Power of Monitoring
    3. Jason's Momentum Experience
    4. Know the Course to Stay the Course
    5. Monitor What Matters (to Make Change More Quickly)
    6. Jodi's Momentum Experience
    7. Emergence versus Emergency
    8. Hindsight Really Is 20/20—So Take Advantage of It
    9. Stop the Cycle of Repeating Mistakes
    10. Appreciation Is Key
    11. Jason's Momentum Experience
    12. What Does Gratitude Have to Do with It?
    13. Notice When Things Are Working
    14. Momentum Member Experience
    15. Coming Up Next
  11. Chapter 7: Modify: What One Change Can I Make to Keep Moving Forward?
    1. What Does Modify Mean, Really?
    2. The Power of Modifying
    3. When Should You Modify?
    4. Jason's Momentum Experience
    5. But, Change Isn't Easy
    6. Why It's Hard to Get Momentum
    7. An Outsider's Perspective
    8. Jason's Momentum Experience
    9. Modifying Isn't Failing
    10. Jodi's Momentum Experience
    11. Still Struggling with Change?
    12. +1 Productivity versus 2x Productivity
    13. Focus on One Change
    14. Sustain the Change
    15. What Comes Next
  12. Chapter 8: You Did It!
    1. Focus on Impact
    2. Get Momentum in Life and at Work
    3. A Life of No Regrets
    4. Momentum, Self-Reflection, and Self-Confidence
    5. The Best Way to Learn It Is to Teach It
    6. Where to Go from Here
  13. Resources to Help You Keep the Momentum You've Started
  14. Thank You
  15. Index
  16. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Get Momentum
  • Author(s): Jason W. Womack, Jodi Womack
  • Release date: May 2016
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119180265